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giving back

Britannica's mentors have educated and trained hundreds of school and college students over the last two decades. We have mentored at primary schools in London's White Chapel, high schools in Sweden, college students in Switzerland, local entrepreneurship events at the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and business clubs in Russia. Using our skills, non-traditional thinking, time, and determination, we will continue to make incremental differences in others’ lives, by taking action now, because it really adds up. We have learned that sometimes it is about changing a habit, offering encouragement, or just listening. In the end, the most important thing is that we helped increase the likelihood that someone felt better or made an incremental improvement to their personal journey. We are committed to sharing a percentage of Britannica's profits with our communities.


Britannica personnel are passionate about breast cancer research, education, advocacy and support. We are funding groundbreaking research projects to better understand cells and treatment approaches. If you wish to contribute to our research foundation, please contact us.

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