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We employ a very dyamic, globally focused macro-oriented strategy. Within that there are a number of sub-strategies that emerge.

  • Development, testing and execution of investment views based on macroeconomic and geopolitical changes.

  • Crisis investing and select “special situations”: Opportunities in distressed or other assets surrounding crisis situations, such as financial market panic, banking crisis, wars, debt problems, currency crisis, contagion and political problems.

  • Severe market dislocations such as solid businesses temporarily fallen out-of-favor with investors with strong balance sheets, cash flows and a catalyst.

Britannica Capital is a very different kind of hedge fund. Here are our 6 key differentiators:

Sourcing Best Ideas

Because we kicked the tires in, and drove 100,000 miles through 84+ countries over 15 years, we have differentiated research, unique on-the ground experience, worldwide relationships, and local broker and other information networks.

Early Identification of Winners and Losers

20 years of experience anticipating secular trends as well as major mega-trends in sectors, areas and industries.

Disciplined Position Sizing

Ability to model, measure and evaluate the price levels, liquidity, volatility, sentiment, standard deviations, stat arb, gamma, vega, tail risk, trend extensions, correlations, capital flows and other key variables to time trades.

Uncommon Holdings

Research outside the mainstream results in thinking divergent from that of Wall Street. Not seeing the same company presentations, meeting the same people, and attending the same events as other analysts.

Major Trend Identification

Researching rarely visited and completely misunderstood, ignored, sleepy stock markets in the various parts of the world about to take off again.

Pay No Premium

“Hard” quant skills and sophisticated models for analyzing capital structures coupled with networks providing access to special situations.

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