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Has Worked Together for Over 16 Years






Sanjay is the CIO and Portfolio Manager of the Britannica Capital Global Macro Fund, which is focused on liquid, listed securities and instruments worldwide. To conduct fundamental investment research Sanjay drove more than 100,000 miles through more than 84 countries (not including many additional countries researched via air), and in the process collected cold, hard facts on policy makers, capital markets, infrastructure, macro-economic conditions, geopolitics, free market environment, commodity deposits, emerging sectors and listed/unlisted companies in far, decrepit corners of the world, while establishing local brokerage, research and other networks wherever possible, to profit from superior knowledge and technologies. He has chronicled this incredible journey.


Prior to founding Britannica Sanjay gained extensive and dedicated experience in investment banking, capital markets, corporate finance and proprietary portfolio management, working on both the buy and the sell sides at Salomon Smith Barney (New York), its affiliate legendary Salomon Brothers (London) Inc., and its successor Citigroup. Prior to Salomon, he worked in investment banking at JP Morgan Chase (New York). His extensive, cross-border experience included mergers & acquisitions, equity and debt financings, high yield underwriting (including the largest-ever junk bond deal at the time), restructurings, distressed debt, convertibles, derivatives, leveraged buyouts, going-private transactions, risk management and multi-billion dollar proprietary credit portfolios.


Sanjay holds a BA from Dartmouth College and has a quant background. As a computer science major he enjoyed solving problems concerning Turing machines, artificial intelligence, finite automata, chip circuitry, machine design and robotics during an earlier era when studying these topics was frontier, unconventional and unfashionable.




Madej is a Managing Director of Britannica. She has held risk management, investment research and investment analysis roles at Britannica and/or its affiliates for almost 16 years.


She has co-conducted Britannica’s Reconnaissance® research trips through 13 countries in South America, 10 countries in Africa, much of the Russian realm including across the entire Siberia, as well as Asia and Central America. She led initiatives to build research and operational platforms and networks in Europe, Asia &  America.

Partly as a result of her background, training and experiences in the far corners of the world with Britannica, Madej is an expert in risk management. She designs and implements overall risk management processes for the investment program as well as the institutional platform, which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the funds from known, unknown and unknowable events that inevitably occur. This involves identifying potential risks pertaining to unpredictable behavior of markets, constructs and people. She maintains an oversight of business continuity plans and other highly proprietary Britannica Reconnaissance® and Secret Frontiers® programs. She holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College where she received Academic Achievement Award for excellence in psychology, neuroscience and behavior.

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